Recent Results


Men’s First Flight
1st E North
2nd (tie) D Buchan
2nd (tie) C Fernandez

Men’s Second Flight
1st G Stokes
2nd N Mathis
3rd D Breckenridge

Men’s Third Flight
1st A Vafides
2nd (tie) I Balderrama
2nd (tie) J McCormick

Men’s Fourth Flight
1st (tie) P Palmer
1st (tie) P Smith
3rd C Harley

Men’s Fifth Flight
1st J Fisher
2nd S Stewart
3rd S Boston

Ladies’ Flight
1st S Breckenridge
2nd B Manning
3rd J Shaw


Club Champion Jason Smith
2nd Place Bob Mathers
3rd Place Dan Buchan
4th Jim Hicks

Men’s Flight 1 Champion Ted Kopec
Low Gross 2nd Place Alan Wood
Low Net 1st Place Jordan Mathers
Low Net 2nd Place Jamie Harrington

Men’s Flight 2 Champion Jim Comparin
Low Gross 2nd Place Nick Newsted
Low Net 1st Place Jay Fisher
Low Net 2nd Place John Harte

Men’s Senior Champion Rick Folio
Low Gross 2nd Place Mike Flowers
Low Gross 3rd Place (tie) Fred Gross and Jerry Hogue
Low Net 1st Place Rob Watson
Low Net 2nd Place Jay Gontarek
Low Net 3rd Place Scott Stewart

Men’s Super Senior Champion Jim Mason
Low Gross 2nd Place Dwight Mills
Low Net 1st Place Al Ward
Low Net 2nd Place Dennis Barnett

Ladies’ Champion Sandee Sundeen
Low Gross 2nd Place Wanda Liphard
Low Gross 3rd Place Annie Mills
Low Net 1st Place Susan Campbell
Low Net 2nd Place Joni Snyder
Low Net 3rd Place Vicki Wilson

Ladies’ Teal Flight Co-Champions Lilli Keller and Orean McCord



Club Champion Mark Connelly
2nd Place Bob Mathers

3rd Place Daniel Buchan

4th Dylan Hopper

Men’s Champion Alan Wood
Low Gross 2nd Place Ted Kopec
Low Gross 3rd Place Jamie Harrington

Low Net 1st Place Shawn Connelly

Low Net 2nd Place Scott MacNeil
Low Net 3rd Place Adam Vafides

Men’s Senior Champion Rick Folio
Low Gross 2nd Place Bob Koenigkramer
Low Net 1st Place Mike Flowers
Low Net 2nd Place Randy Sims

Men’s Super Senior Champion Dwight Mills
Low Gross 2nd Place Bob Liphard
Low Gross 3rd Place Bob McEachern
Low Net 1st Place (Tie) Ben Josey

Low Net 1st Place (Tie) Alan Cornwell

Low Net 3rd Place John Leatherwood

Ladies’ Champion Alia Scotka
Low Gross 2nd Place Antonia Poate
Low Net 1st Place Joni Snyder
Low Net 2nd Place Michelle Poate


Flight 1

Mark Connelly/Mark Wendel
1st Place

Jamie Harrington/Eric North
2nd Place

Alan Wood/Roger Bloor
3rd Place

Flight 2

Alan Cornwell/Joe Nacchia
1st Place

Wayne Campbell/Doug Hall
2nd Place (TIE)

Jim Schumacher/Chris Poate
2nd Place (TIE)

Flight 3

Al Adams/Jim Brickell
1st Place

Rob Watson/Brad Coon
2nd Place (TIE)

Adam Vafides/Russell White
2nd Place (TIE)

Flight 4

Tony Cartwright/Jim Comparin
1st Place

Clayton Smith/Jay Fisher
2nd Place

Flight 5

Jeanne Shaw/Joni Snyder
1st Place

Sandee Sundeen/Fran Jacobs
2nd Place

Barbara Bauman/Susan Campbell
3rd Place

Closest to the Pin
Pin #4 Mark Connelly
Pin #8 John Leatherwood
Pin #12 Jim Brickell
Pin #15 Sandee Sundeen



Men’s First Flight

1st (tie) Bob Mathers
1st (tie) Shawn Connelly
3rd (tie) Indio Balderrama
3rd (tie) Jordan Mathers

Men’s Second Flight

1st Jim Schumacher
2nd John Rickard
3rd Rob Watson
4th George Stokes

Men’s Gold Flight

1st Ben Josey
2nd Bob Liphard
3rd Bill Meeboer

Ladies’ Flight

1st Bonnie Weideman
2nd Sharon Detiege
3rd Sandee Sundeen


Club Champion Steve Shelton
2nd Place Dylan Hopper

Men’s Champion Ted Kopec
Low Gross 2nd Place Roger Bloor
Low Gross 3rd Place Eric North
Low Gross 4th Place Jordan Mathers
Low Net 1st Place Rob Watson
Low Net 2nd Place Clayton Smith
Low Net 3rd Place Russell Storts
Low Net 4th Place Reed White

Men’s Senior Champion Rick Folio
Low Gross 2nd Place George Stokes
Low Net 1st Place Ben Josey
Low Net 2nd Place Jim Schumacher

Men’s Super Senior Champion Dwight Mills
Low Gross 2nd Place Bob Liphard
Low Gross 3rd Place Al Ward
Low Net 1st Place John Radgowski
Low Net 2nd Place Bob Weideman
Low Net 3rd Place Wayne Hostilo

Ladies’ Champion Sandee Sundeen
Low Gross 2nd Place (tie) Susan Campbell
Low Gross 2nd Place (tie) Jane Holtz
Low Net 1st Place Beth Manning
Low Net 2nd Place Vicki Wilson

Ladies’ Super Senior Champion Bonnie Weideman
Low Net 1st Place Lilli Keller


What a fantastic Saturday for The Kick Off Cup as players repped their favorite teams and battled it out to see who would emerge victorious! We had a great community turnout for this first annual two-person scramble and are looking forward to growing it with each passing year. Everyone had a wonderful time enjoying the golf, food and fun! A special shout out goes to the father and son duo Bob and Jordan Mathers (Low Gross Winners) and young guns Adam Vafides and Russell White (Low Net Winners)!

Low Gross Bob and Jordan Mathers
2nd Gross Eric North and Ben Josey

Low Net Adam Vafides and Russell White
2nd Net Tie Vicki Wilson and Lili Keller
2nd Net Tie Jamie Chagares and Patrick Schutze
4th Net Tie Rob Mann and Jay Fisher
4th Net Tie Clayton Smith and Houston Myers


1ST PLACE Jay Fisher and Clayton Smith
2ND PLACE Adam Vafides and Jordan Mathers
3RD PLACE Eric North and Jamie Harrington
4TH PLACE Jim Comparin and Carl Shephard

1ST PLACE Jay Gontarek and Al Ward
2ND PLACE Ben Josey and Rob Watson
3RD PLACE (tie) Bill Osthoff and Bill Loll
3RD PLACE (tie) Bob Liphard and Bob Weideman
3RD PLACE (tie) Jeff Waits and Clark Norton

1ST PLACE Yun Lee and Vicki Leos
2ND PLACE Terry and Vicki Wilson

1ST PLACE Sandee Sundeen and Annie Mills



Club Champion Mark Connelly
2nd Place Bob Mathers
3rd Place Dylan Hopper
4th Place Steve Shelton

Ladies’ Champion Sandee Sundeen
Low Gross 2nd Place Sally Aberth
Low Net 1st Place Laura Mann
Low Net 2nd Place Wanda Liphard

Men’s Champion Ted Kopec
Low Gross 2nd Place Ryan Wallace
Low Net 1st Place Eric North
Low Net 2nd Place Jim Comparin

Senior Champion Rick Folio
Low Gross 2nd Place Bob Koenigkramer
Low Net 1st Place Dan Breckenridge
Low Net 2nd Place Al Gardner

Super Senior Champion Marv McKinley
Low Gross 2nd Place Dwight Mills
Low Net 1st Place Bob Liphard
Low Net 2nd Place Jim Brickell


1st Flight Low Gross:
Ted Kopec and Bob Koenigkramer

1st Flight Low Net:
Wayne Campbell and Earl Clark

2nd Flight Low Gross:
Al Adams and John Stack

2nd Flight Low Net:
Beth Clark and Joni Snyder


On March 25th, Rocky Bayou Country Club hosted the first annual Neighborhood Challenge. Teams of 4 competed for bragging rights and two months of free dues at RBCC! It was a great day of golfing fun for everyone. Congratulations to tournament champions—The Chiefs!

Pictured left to right: Rick Deckert (RBCC Head Golf Pro), Bret Berryhill, Duane Cowen, Roger Bloor, and Brad Coon