MGA Recent Results

2019 MGA Member-Guest Tournament Results

The 2019 MGA Member-Guest Tournament was held at RBCC on October 17-19. Congratulations to 1st Place Champions, Marv McKinley and Fred Gross! 2nd Place went to Stanley Bruce Powell and Bill Greenwald.

Many thanks to all who participated and those who supported this fantastic annual event.

CHAMPIONS Marv McKinley and Fred Gross

2nd PLACE Stanley Bruce Powell and Bill Greenwald


1st Place: Mike Jones and Mike Jones, Jr.

2nd Place Clayton Smith and Andrew Smith

3rd Place Adam Vafides and Nick Ward


1st Place (4 Way Tie)

Marv McKinley and Fred Gross

Jamie Harrington and Rodney Haddock

Chris Poate and Sven Kessler

Roger Bloor and Bill Grigsby


1st Place: Bob Koenigkramer and Wes Feudner

2nd Place: Reed White and Andy Poveda

3rd Place: Eric North and Chris Larkin


1st Place: Al Ward and Rob Dunn

2nd Place: Stanley Bruce Powell and Bill Greenwald

3rd Place: Randy Sims and Steve Manthey


1st Place: Brad Coon and Juan Robinson

2nd Place: Mike Moreland and Harry Gates

3rd Place: John Radgowski and William Snow


1st Place: Bob Koehler and John Stevens

2nd Place: Bill Markowski and Tom Fox

3rd Place: John Rickard and Richie Edwards


1st Place: Bill Meeboer and George Sebren

2nd Place: Bill Loll and Carl Eisenbrei

3rd Place: Tim O’Keefe and Vince O’Keefe


2019 MGA Deep Freeze Tournament Results

The Rocky Bayou Country Club MGA Deep Freeze Tournament was held March 16th and 17th. Congratulations to our 2019 Champions! Thanks go out to tournament coordinators Kevin McGarry and Shane Dowd, many behind-the-scenes MGA volunteers, and the great staff at RBCC!

Jones Division Championship Flight: Mark Chambers and Jordan Maynor

Jones Division First Flight: George Gann and Eric Underwood

Jones Division Second Flight: Richie Edwards and Kenny Ainsworth

Nicklaus Division Championship Flight: Alan Wood and Rick Folio

Nicklaus Division First Flight: Skip Lockwood and John Raymer

Palmer Division Championship Flight: Rusty Napier and Jim Szabo

2018 MGA Member-Guest Winners

Brandon Kelley and Tim English

2018 MGA Deep Freeze Tournament Results

The Rocky Bayou Country Club MGA Deep Freeze Tournament was held March 17th and 18th. Congratulations to our 2018 Champions! Many thanks to tournament coordinator Bob Koenigkramer, our numerous RBCC Member volunteers, and our great staff for making the tournament a success!

Palmer Division: Champions Jim Somrak and Dwight Mills

Nicklaus Division: Champions Ralph Matthews and David Hancock

Jones Division: Champions Matt Johnson and Bob Mathers

Bob Koenigkramer,  Jim Somrak, Dwight Mills, Rick Deckert

Bob Koenigkramer, Ralph Matthews, David Hancock, Rick Deckert

Bob Koenigkramer, Matt Johnson, Bob Mathers, Rick Deckert