2018 MGA Member-Guest Winners

Brandon Kelley and Tim English

2018 MGA Deep Freeze Tournament Results

The Rocky Bayou Country Club MGA Deep Freeze Tournament was held March 17th and 18th. Congratulations to our 2018 Champions! Many thanks to tournament coordinator Bob Koenigkramer, our numerous RBCC Member volunteers, and our great staff for making the tournament a success!

Palmer Division: Champions Jim Somrak and Dwight Mills

Nicklaus Division: Champions Ralph Matthews and David Hancock

Jones Division: Champions Matt Johnson and Bob Mathers

Bob Koenigkramer,  Jim Somrak, Dwight Mills, Rick Deckert

Bob Koenigkramer, Ralph Matthews, David Hancock, Rick Deckert

Bob Koenigkramer, Matt Johnson, Bob Mathers, Rick Deckert