Proprietary Memberships

Proprietary Members are equity shareholders of the club. There is a one-time $500 certificate fee for new Proprietary Members upon acceptance of their application. They have full golf and club rights and privileges and are also afforded these exclusive Proprietary Member benefits:

•  The option of owning a private golf cart (on-site storage facilities for an additional fee)
•  The right to vote on club issues
•  The right to hold an elected position on the Board of Directors
•  The option of joining The Gold Club unlimited cart plan for $200 monthly
•  Special Clubhouse discount for event bookings
•  Proprietary Members 45 years old and under will receive a discount on dues.


Non-Proprietary Memberships

Non-Proprietary Members have full golf and club rights and privileges with the exception of those listed above as exclusive to Proprietary Members. There is a $250 initiation fee for all Non-Proprietary Members except Executive Single, Social, Junior, and Cornerstone. Categories and privileges are as follows:


“We Salute You” Family Membership for Active and Retired Military and DoD Civilian Employees; Active and Retired First Responders (Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, EMT/Paramedics); Active Contractors with DoD Affiliation

• 25% discount on regular Family Membership Dues
• Membership includes spouse and dependent children
• Swimming pool privileges from May-October


Single Membership 

• 33% discount on regular Family Membership Dues for one individual
• Swimming pool privileges from May-October


Executive Single Membership

•  Single player 40 years old and under
•  No initiation fee, capital fee or daily user fee
•  Pays cart fee at normal 18 hole rate
•  Swimming pool privileges from May-October


Junior Membership 

•  Age 24 and under and enrolled full-time in high school or college
•  May only use the golf course after 12:00 pm
•  Juniors must be registered in the name of the parents, and the parents will be responsible for payment of charges incurred by the juniors as well as for the conduct of the juniors.
•  Parents are not allowed to play unless accompanying the junior.  Normal guest rates will apply for parents who are playing, but there will be no guest fee for parents accompanying a junior but not playing.
•  Juniors under age 13 must have an accompanying parent on the course at all times.
•  Swimming pool privileges from May-October


Social Membership 

•  May dine daily at the club as well as attend dinners, parties and social events
•  Weekly Bridge games
•  Swimming pool privileges from May-October


Cornerstone Membership

• Recognizes the importance of our long standing members
• The total of consecutive years of Proprietary membership and the age of the member totals 100 or more
• Member is 75 years of age or older
• Dues discount for members 75-79 years old-20%
• Dues discount for members 80 plus years old-33%
• Cornerstone members are subject to any other fees and assessments of proprietary members with the corresponding discount applied
• Cornerstone members will not be allowed to vote or hold office on the Board
• Cornerstone members will be allowed to use their own private carts
• Cornerstone members will be required to surrender their Proprietary certificates
• This membership can be applied retroactively up to one year for any qualified member who left the Club and wishes to come back as a Cornerstone member
• Swimming pool privileges from May-October